How to require electronic signatures from customers during their ID check

Do you need to require your customer's signature as part of PACT or other compliance reasons?

We can help with that. You can optionally require signature capture as part of the customer's ID verification. Your customers will be prompted with an intuitive and easy to use canvas that will allow them to draw their signature with their finger or a stylus on their mobile device.

We will show you how to enable this option within the settings of the app.

Example of a check requiring an electronic signature

How to enable electronic signature requirement for ID verification

You can enable or disable Real ID to require electronic signatures as part of the ID verification process at any time. There is no code required to complete this step.

To enable it, open the "Settings" page in the app and select the "Require Signature" checkbox.

Enabling the signature requirement in the new check page

And that's it! Any new customers will be prompted to verify their ID after they're completed account registration on your Shopify store.

How will I know a customer has provided their signature?

On the home page of the app, when a check requires the customer's signature it will be tagged with Signature Required.

When the customer completes their ID check and provides their signature this will change to Signature Provided.

The captured signature will be available for download or viewing in the check details page.

Example of a signature captured in the ID verification details page

How are electronic signatures captured?

When your customer opens their unique link to start their ID check, one of the steps will prompt them to draw their signature on their device.

Real ID will capture this signature and store it on your behalf.

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