How to prompt ID verification after customer registration

Do you need to verify your customer's IDs immediately after they register with your site? Is waiting till after they make an order not an option for your customer journey?

No problem, Real ID can create ID checks automatically for you after customers sign up on your Shopify store. You can enable this in Real ID without any code whatsoever.

We'll will show you how to enable this option within the settings of the app.

How to enable the ID verification after account registration

You can enable or disable Real ID to prompt ID verification immediately after customers register on your Shopify site at any time. There is no code required to complete this step.

To enable it, open the "Settings" page in the app and select the "After account registration" checkbox.

Enabling the ID verification prompt after a customer signs up in the settings page

And that's it! Any new customers will be prompted to verify their ID after they're completed account registration on your Shopify store.

Will Real ID still add the "ID verification required" tag to new customers?

Yes Real ID will still leave a special tag ID check required on the customer's account in your Shopify store. If this tag ID check complete is present on the customer's Shopify profile, they will not be prompted to verify their ID again.

No. Real ID adds this tag to all customers that have completed ID checks. That way they won't be asked to complete ID verification again.

How will the ID check link be delivered to my customers?

Real ID will use the customers email and/or phone number to send them an ID verification link.

Presently, Real ID will not change the design or introduce any popups or redirects to keep your customers from interacting with your site if they haven't completed ID verification yet.

If you require this, please contact our team and tell us more about your needs!

Will the same default content and designs be applied to these ID verification checks?

Yes. Real ID will use the same designs and default content you've defined in the settings of the app. Your branding, theme & content for the checks will apply.

However, the [orderId] shortcode will not be populated by Real ID automatically. This is because there is no associated order at the time when a customer signs up with your store.

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