How to prompt ID verification after customer registration

Require ID verification before customers can even view your store. Real ID has a flow just for you, no code required.

Real ID has a built in flow to require customers to sign in or register an account with your store, and verify their ID before they can view your store, open their cart or checkout.

Unregistered guest customers will be greeted with a page to explain that ID verification is required to proceed:

Example of a store with an ID verification requirement

Then after they login, they'll be prompted to verify their ID.

Customer ID verification flow

Real ID will lock out unregistered guest customers from opening pages until they sign in.

After they have signed in, they will be prompted to verify their ID.

After they have submitted their ID, Real ID will automatically associate their submitted ID with their customer profile.

This way they can login with different devices, and Real ID will remember them.

How to enable the ID verification after account registration

You can enable or disable Real ID to prompt ID verification immediately after customers register on your Shopify site at any time. There is no code required to complete this step.

To enable it, open the "Settings" page in the app and select the "Before viewing store" ID verification flow option.

And that's it! Any new customers will be prompted to verify their ID after they're completed account registration on your Shopify store.

Allowing unregistered guests to view other pages

By default, Real ID will allow unregistered guests to view your store's registration page and login page, so that way they can still login or sign up for an account.

If you need to add additional pages, like a menu or catalog page, you can add them under the Pages Unverified Customers can visit section in the Real ID Settings:
A new field will be added where you can enter in the full URL that should be made public to unregistered customers:
Then click Save at the top right of the dashboard to apply these changes.

Customizing the look of the ID verification gate

You can change the notice on the lock presented to unregistered customers in the Real ID Settings, under the Appearance tab. 

Then click on the Registration option.

This allows you to change the content of your ID verification prompt page that's presented to unregistered customers.

Here is your opportunity to explain why ID verification is required for your store - whether it be for compliance or security reasons. For the best results, explain thoroughly why ID verification is required and that this process is secure and safe.

Please note: Secondary Button's URLs will still need to be added to the Allowed Pages list above. Otherwise, customers clicking the button will see the same prompt.

Will Real ID still add the "ID verification required" tag to new customers?

Yes Real ID will still leave a special tag ID check required on the customer's account in your Shopify store. If this tag ID check complete is present on the customer's Shopify profile, they will not be prompted to verify their ID again.

No. Real ID adds this tag to all customers that have completed ID checks. That way they won't be asked to complete ID verification again.

Will customers have to re-verify every time they login?

No, with this registration flow they are only required to verify their ID once.

How will the ID check link be delivered to my customers?

They will receive an in-store pop-up to securely capture their ID.

Real ID will also use the customers email address captured during registration to send them an ID verification link.

Completing this ID check either in-store or by email will result in their account being verified.

Will I need to change my theme for this flow to work?

No. No theme changes required for this flow to function. You can enable and disable this flow at any time.

We are releasing customer metadata fields that will sync with your customer's ID verification status.

This will allow you to conditionally show or hide content, disable buttons based on the logged in customer's ID verification statusand more with Liquid directly.

Will my past verified customers also be still be verified if we switch to this flow?

Yes. Your past verified customers, regardless of how they were verified will be remembered.

Real ID tracks your customer's verification status regardless if their ID check was sent manually, or automatically through a post-checkout trigger or the pre-checkout flow.

Can I see how this works without paying for Real ID?

Yes, the Real ID app is free to install on Shopify.

You can enable these features free of charge, but the ID verification checks will be in test mode. This means that any image will be counted as a verified ID, and the results will be mocked with fake data.

When you're ready to launch, choose a plan and then your ID checks will become live and actually complete with real results.

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