Archiving ID checks

If you are manually reviewing failed or verified ID check photos as part of your order fulfillment workflow, you may want to remove already manually reviewed checks from your ID check timeline in the app.

This is where archiving ID checks comes in handy. You can archive ID checks you have already reviewed, and they'll be removed from the home page of the app.

This allows you to clean up your already viewed ID checks, while still keeping their results.

Only show archived ID checks

In the home page, select the Archived filter to only show ID checks that have been archived. From this view, you can also unarchive one or more ID checks using the bulk selection tool.

How to archive ID checks

You can archive ID checks from either the ID check details page, or from the home page itself.

When viewing a specific ID check, you can archive it in the top menu of the page:

When on the home page, you can select one or more ID checks and archive them in one click:

How to unarchive ID checks

From an individual ID check, you can unarchive using the top menu of the ID check:

You can also unarchive ID checks to restore them back to your ID checks timeline.

First, make sure you have the Archived filter enabled, then select one or more ID checks to unarchive.

A button to Unarchive ID checks will appear above the checks. Click it to restore them to your timeline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will archiving a check delete the photos and customer data?

No, archiving just moves the ID check out of your normal view in the homepage. It's intended to help manage ID checks that you have already manually confirmed the results of.

To delete the ID check photos, please see our article here.

Will archived incomplete ID checks still be live for customers to use?

Yes, if you archive an incomplete ID check, the customer will not be affected. They will be able to open the ID check as normal.

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