How to find a customers ID address in Shopify

A customer's IP address is the equivalent of their home address on the internet. Anything connected to the internet has a unique IP address, which enables it to open websites, receive emails, etc.

Shopify will record the unique IP address of each of your customers, and it uses this data to power the Analytics area of your Shopify dashboard.

But, you may notice that Shopify will not reveal which customer belongs to which IP address in the Analytics. It's only intended to be a tool to view your visitors as a whole.

However, you can still identify your customers on Shopify by their IP address from their orders.

Finding the customer's IP address from a recent order

To find the customer's IP address, first open up their most recent order on your Shopify store.

Then the right hand side, you'll see an order details area. This records their name, contact information, their shipping address as well as their IP address.

In the Fraud Analysis section, click the View full analysis section.

This will show the entire breakdown of Shopify's Risk Analysis details on this specific order. Shopify's Risk Analysis system attempts to determine the riskiness of the order based off of the customer's profile, and the IP address and device they used at the time of the order.

Near the bottom of the page, you'll see the customer's IP address at the time of the purchase:

Shopify is saying the customer's IP address wasn't available at the time of purchase - why?

If you create an order manually through the Shopify order dashboard, the customer's IP address will not be recorded. This is because the customer did not open your website to place the order.

This same message will also appear for selling on other channels like Instagram, TikTok, Amazon, eBay and others.

This is because the customer interacted directly with those sites, and the sites did not share the IP address they saw with Shopify directly.

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