Customizing customer email notifications

During the ID check lifecycle, Real ID will send email notifications to the customer at each step along the way.

  • Introduction - the first email sent to the customer, explaining why they're being sent an ID check.
  • In Review - sent if the customer's ID wasn't able to be automatically verified because of bad image quality, missing fields, an expired ID or any other failed reason.
  • Verified - sent if the customer's ID was able to be automatically verified
  • Failed - only sent if the ID check is manually rejected in the Real ID dashboard

The content of these email notifications are customizable in the Appearance area of the app.

Using shortcodes to personalize the content

In each of these emails, you can use shortcodes to reference details about the customer and their order to personalize the message and build trust with the customer.

  • [firstName] - the customer's first name
  • [lastName] - the customer's last name
  • [orderId] - the unique order number

We recommend placing the order ID as early as possible in the message so the customer knows the ID verification message is associated with their order.

Are SMS messages customizable?

No unfortunately to regulation issues we are unable to allow customization of the messages.

The customer will only be sent a text message when the ID check is initially sent.

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