Require ID verification for specific products or collections

You may only require ID verification for an order if the order contains one or more specific products.

With Real ID, you can specify which products require ID verification, or even a whole collection of products in your Shopify store.

How to require ID verification for a specific product

Open the Real ID app in your Shopify dashboard, then open the Settings page in the app.

You'll be taken to the Triggers section, here you can define conditions on your orders that require an ID check

Scroll to the Products Requiring ID verification section. Here you can search your products on your store.

Clicking on an individual product will add a ID verification Required flag to the product, and any future orders containing this product will also send an ID check to the customer automatically.

Don't forget to enable the setting by clicking the toggle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which plan do I need to use this feature?

Requiring ID verification on specific the products or collections automatically requires at least the Plus plan. It is also included in our Pro and Enterprise plans as well.

Is this feature available for requiring ID verification pre-checkout?

Yes, requiring ID verification for only specific products or collections is available for Shopify.

The app will override the checkout button if one or more items qualify for an ID check. The customer will then be prompted to verify their ID before they can continue with their order.

Credit card and payment details will not be processed until the customer completes ID verification.

Will I need to manually update collections if the products within them change?

No, Real ID will automatically sync with your Shopify store to make sure the products in your collections are updated. If you remove or add products, Real ID will be in sync with your Shopify store.

Do I need to edit my theme for this to work?

No. This functionality is driven by the app and is compatible with all Shopify themes, including 2.0.

However, some custom themes may need additional support. We're happy to tweak the app to support your theme, please reach out to us if you have trouble with this feature.

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