US & Canada Carrier SMS Compliance

If an order requires ID verification and the customer provides their phone number during checkout, Real ID will send the ID verification link to the customer directly to their phone with an SMS link.

However, because phone carriers are not regional, they must comply with federal law.

In the United States & Canada this means that even though certain products may be legal to sell in your state or region, it may not be federally legal to send communications across state lines.

For this reason phone carriers will block or drop SMS messages containing any keywords related to:

  • Firearms
  • Tobacco (including Vapor and Vape products)
  • Cannabis (including CBD, Delta-8 or any Hemp derived consumable products)
  • Alcohol

We will be unable to send any SMS messages on your behalf if you attempt to add keywords relating to those industries, this includes any mention of these keywords in your customer support email or shop name in the message.

If your content is detected to have any of these keywords, automatic and manual SMS delivery on your account will be immediately disabled.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this policy.

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