Order and customer tags

Real ID automates the ID verification process before or after checkout for your store.

To keep you updated with the latest changes on ID verifications, Real ID automatically tags customers & orders in Shopify with tags. These tags are visible in your orders pages as well as on the customer profile pages.

Example of a tag on a Shopify order

ID check tags

When an order qualifies for an ID check through your automatic rules, it will be tagged with ID verification required.

Then, when the customer uploads their ID photos, it will change to ID verification completed.

However, if the customer fails ID verification, the order & customer's profile will be changed to ID verification failed.

Manually overriding ID check results

You can choose to manually override ID check results at anytime. This will also automatically update your corresponding order tags depending on your decision.

If you choose to manually override and pass a failed ID check, the tags will be set to ID check manually approved.

If you choose to manually override and reject an ID check, the tags will be set to ID check manually rejected.

Remembering repeat customers

If you have the feature to remember repeat customers enabled, Real ID will check if the customer has either the ID verification completed or the ID check manually approved tags on their profile.

If either of these tags are on their Shopify profile, Real ID will not send or require another ID check from that customer because they are already verified.

All Real ID tags

Below is a complete list of all ID verification tags provided by Real ID:

Tag Triggered by
ID verification required A new order that requires ID verification, either by your automatic order triggers or sent manually through the dashboard.
ID verification completed The customer has successfully completed ID verification.
ID verification failed The customer has failed to pass ID verification.
ID check manually approved The customers ID check has been manually approved.
ID check manually rejected The customers ID check has been manually rejected.
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