Only requiring ID verification once per customer

Real ID can track which of your customers have already completed ID verification once. This way your customers can return and make repeat purchases without requiring ID verification on each purchase.

If enabled, Real ID will remember repeat customers and not require already verified customers to provide photos again.

Enabling Remembering Repeat Customers

In the settings of the app, open the Automations tab. If you're using Ask for ID after checkout open the Exceptions Tab.

Then click the checkbox next to Remember Repeat Customers to enable the feature.

How does Real ID know if a customer is already verified or not?

Real ID automatically leaves tags on orders and customer profiles in your Shopify dashboard. When a customer completes ID verification, their profile is tagged with "ID verification completed". Additionally, if you elect to manually approve an ID check, the customer will be tagged with "ID check manually approved". Either one of these tags counts the customer as permanently verified for future orders.

When that customer returns to your store to checkout again, Real ID will automatically see the "ID verification completed" tag on their profile and not prompt for ID verification again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this feature work with manually approved customers?

Yes! If you manually approve a check, Real ID will also count this as a successful verification.

Manually approving an ID check will tag the customer with "ID check manually approved", and future orders will count as verified.

This feature has a lock icon on it? How do I enable it?

Remember repeat customers is only available on the Pro Plan. You can change your plan at any time. To upgrade just click the icon and choose "Pro Plan" in the pop up.

Does this work with the before checkout and before viewing store flows?

Yes, by default Real ID will remember your already verified customers if you decide to require ID verification before checkout or before customers can view your store.

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