ID verification before checkout

Do you need to verify customers identities before they can checkout on your WooCommerce store? You found the right place.

Real ID now hows ID verification pre-checkout, which gives you the most comprehensive look at your customers' real identity before they enter in their payment information.

If this flow is enabled, Real ID will replace the checkout button in your customer's carts with a prompt to verify their ID first. After they have completed ID verification, then the checkout button will become available again.

Can I still manually override IDs of customers that fail ID verification but I'd like to let them continue to checkout?

Yes, occasionally you'd like to allow a customer to bypass ID verification even though their license wasn't validated automatically. The first step of the ID verification is to prompt the customer for their name and email just for this purpose. If you'd like to allow them to checkout, search for their name or email in the app, then manually approve their ID check in the app.

The app will then automatically allow this customer to continue.

Will repeat customers be asked to verify again?

No, Real ID stores the results of the customer's ID check on their profile for future orders. This way they won't be required to complete ID verification again.

What if a customer is manually approved, will they still be excluded from future ID checks?

Yes, absolutely. Manual or automatic approval will be recorded in the customer profile and they will be allowed to checkout in the future without an ID check.

When will I be charged for the ID check?

Pre-checkout ID checks are only charged to your account when the customer submits one or more photos for ID verification.

If the customer does not submit any photos of their license, passport or selfie, then you will not be charged.

How can I enable this feature? Do I need to add code to my theme?

No code required. You can simply enable this feature in the settings area of Real ID. In the Automations section, enable automatic ID verification and select the Before checkout option.

Don't forget to click Save to apply the setting.

This will enable the feature and it will automatically begin to require ID verification on your store without any changes to your theme code. 

Will the other triggers apply to ID verification before pre-checkout? Like only orders with an amount over a certain threshold?

Yes, now you can choose specific products or collections that should trigger an ID check.

For example, if only some of your inventory requires and ID check, you can specify that in the app. Only customers with one or more items that require ID verification will be prompted to complete ID verification before their credit card and order details are captured.

 If there is another specific trigger you need pre-checkout, please let us know.

Which platforms is this feature available on?

Pre-checkout ID verification is available on WooCommerce and Shopify.

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