How to block websites with the Blockade Shopify App

Blocking any website is a cinch in Blockade. You can block drop shipping indexing sites, product scrapers or any website that is crawling your store.

Step 1 - Open the App

Open the app in your Shopify admin dashboard. Here you can change your blocking settings and more.

Step 2 - Open the "Blocked Websites" list

Scroll down to the "Blocked Websites" list and click on the "Manage blocked Websites" button:

Step 3 - Add the website you'd like to block

In the text field, type the website you'd like to block.

Note: Blockade will only accept the homepage or the domain of the website.

For example, if you'd like to block, then enter either or into the text field.

Then click the "Block Website" button:

Step 4 - Enable the blocked websites list

Close the pop up, and click the switch to enable the blocked websites list:

That's it! Now the bad acting website will be blocked from visiting your Shopify store.

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