How to block all countries with the Blockade Shopify App

Sometimes you need to block all countries except your own, or just a handful of others you ship to.

Blocking all countries and then unblocking the few you'd like to be able to visit your store is easy in the Blockade app.

Step 1 - Open the App

Open the app in your Shopify admin dashboard. Here you can change your blocking settings and more.

Step 2 - Block all countries except your own

In the "Quick Actions" section under "Blocked Countries", click the "Block All Countries except your own" button

This will add all countries to your block list, so you won't have to add them individually.

Screencast on how to block all countries except your own

Blockade uses your store's address registered with Shopify to determine your home country.

Step 3 - Enable the blocked countries list

Last step, your blocked countries list needs to be enabled. Click the toggle at the top of the list to enable your changes.

The toggled will change from grey to green when the list is enabled.

Screencast on how to enable your blocked countries list.

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