How to handle Shopify's Monthly usage caps

You may be asked to increase your monthly limit usage cap with Real ID on Shopify. Don't worry, this doesn't change your ID check pricing. We'll explain why this is being prompted below.

Why does Real ID have a monthly usage cap at all?

Shopify requires usage based apps to set a monthly usage limit that you approve when you first approve our pricing plan.

Real ID currently sets the monthly limit to $250.00 USD per month.

If you approach that limit, the app will automatically prompt you in the home page to increase this limit by doubling it.

What does increasing my monthly ID check limit with Real ID? Do I need to pay for a minimum number of checks per month?

No! All increasing your monthly limit is increase the number of ID checks Real ID is allowed to charge you via Shopify. If you elect to increase your monthly limit, we won't charge extra or require you to complete an minimum number of checks.

For example, if your current monthly limit is 250 checks per month, and you increase it to 500 and the next month you create 0 checks - you won't be charged anything at all!

If you have any futher questions, please contact us

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