Require ID verification for product categories or tags

You may only need to verify customer's IDs for only a specific category of products in your WooCommerce store.

For example, you may have a category of products that are higher chargeback risk, because they're a higher price than your other categories. Or perhaps there's a category or products on your store that are age restricted and require ID verification for the customer's real age.

But you don't want ID verification to be required on all orders, just those that have one or more items in the cart that need ID checks.

Set this up easily and without code in the Real ID plugin.

Finding the ID verification required product categories setting

First, open up the Settings area of the Real ID plugin on the left hand side of your WordPress backend.

You'll now see the Real ID settings for your WooCommerce store.

Scroll down to the Products Requiring ID verification section of the settings:

Here is where you'll be able to define which categories require ID verification.

Requiring ID verification for product categories

Once you have found the Products Requiring ID verification setting, enable it by clicking the toggle button.

This will show your current product categories on your store.

Click on a category in this list to mark it as requiring ID verification:

Finally click the Save button in the top right to apply these new settings:

Removing ID verification from a product category

To remove the ID verification requirement from a product category, simply click the product category again to remove the ID verification Required badge, and click Save in the top right corner of the screen.

Disabling ID verification across all product categories

To disable ID verification across all of your product categories in one click, just click the toggle.

This is helpful to disable ID verification outright, without clicking or searching for individual categories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I require ID verification on specific categories before checkout?

Yes, this feature is compatible with both after checkout and before checkout.

To require ID verification if one or more items in the customer's cart belong to a specific product category, enable the pre-checkout option in the Real ID plugin.

By default, Real ID will only require ID verification after checkout.

If I don't have this feature enabled, will all orders require ID verification?

No, only enabled triggers will apply to orders. If this feature is disabled, none of your orders will automatically be sent ID checks.

However, if you have ID verification required before checkout enabled then all of your products on your store will require ID verification.

This feature would be a way to filter out specific products from requiring ID verification before the customer's billing details are captured and the order is placed.

Which plan is this feature under?

For requiring ID verification with specific product categories after checkout, this feature is part of the Plus plan

For requiring ID verification with specific product category before checkout, this feature is part of the Pro plan. 

Requiring ID verification before checkout automatically remembers repeat customers, so it's part of the Pro plan.

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