Optimize the pre-checkout ID verification flow

Real ID gives you the option to require a valid ID before the customer is able to purchase.

If you enable this option in the app settings, Real ID will automatically require ID verification on your cart page in order to check out. This means you can verify your customers' IDs before you accept payment and the order is placed.

Depending on your site's theme, you may need to make a few adjustments for the best results.

For Shopify sites

Disable dynamic checkout buttons

The Shopify dynamic checkout buttons allow customers to purchase an item directly from the product page on your store.

We recommend disabling this feature, because Real ID works on your cart page specifically. If you allow "Buy it now" buttons on your product pages, it will allow customers to bypass ID verification before they purchase.

Here's a guide on how to disable "Buy it now" buttons on your product pages through Shopify's settings:

Remove dynamic checkout buttons on your product pages on Shopify

For WooCommerce sites

Remove multiple checkout buttons from your cart and product pages

Real ID will automatically detect and override checkout buttons in your site's cart and product pages. If you have multiple checkout buttons on a page, then there will be multiple Verify your ID buttons replacing them, which is confusing to the customer.

We recommend removing extra checkout buttons from your pages for the best customer experience.

Here are a list of CSS selectors that Real ID looks for to replace with the Verify your ID button:

  • .wc-proceed-to-checkout
  • form[name='checkout']
  • button.checkout
  • a.checkout
If you have multiple elements on the page that match one or more of these selectors, then Real ID will replace that button with the ID verification prompt.

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