Why are there blocked visitors still visible in my analytics?

You may see visits from blocked countries, IPs or websites in your analytics because of Shopify limitations on apps.

Why am I seeing blocked visitors in my analytics?

Shopify does not allow apps to redirect your traffic from the backend of your shop. This means that Blockade works by adding a script tag to the frontend of your website.

Your analytics tags are also loaded on the frontend of your website. This means that it's a race between Blockade blocking bad visitors & your analytics recording the visit.

Below is a diagram that explains how Blockade works:

How Blockade works

Because Blockade runs on the shopper's browser, it's competing with your analytics tags also on the shopper's browser.

How fast does Blockade work?

We strive to make Blockade as performant as possible to keep this window as short as possible. 95% of all visits are detected as allowed or blocked with 35 miliseconds.

To put this in perspective, the average human blink takes 400 miliseconds. Blockade works roughly 10 times faster than it takes you to blink.

This means that unfortunately you might see a visit recorded, depending on how fast your vistor's browser processes the script tag. But the vast majority of the time, Blockade is keeping their visit extremely short.

Blockade's performance, 95% of visits are blocked within 35 miliseconds.

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